Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Trees
The Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch-Haunted Maze(Haunted House)and Christmas Trees. We have the best and widest selection of Pumpkins in the San Fernando- Los Angeles area. Children can enjoy the Petting Zoo and Haunted Maze. During Christmas we have the most exquisite selection of Christmas Trees at affordable prices. The Petting Zoo is also available throughout December.
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Toluca Lake Florist in North Hollywood has serviced the Greater Los Angeles community for over 66 years.

The Toluca Lake Florist will cater to all your personal and holiday floral needs. We have holiday centerpieces, beautiful bouquets, gourmet baskets and stunning floral arrangements made fresh to order. We also supply a wide variety of wicker baskets, ceramic pots and glass vases to complete your arrangements.

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Toluca Lake Christmas Trees
Noble Firs, Grand Firs, Douglas Firs, Scotch Pines and more..
Noble Firs have 4-sided needles that are over 1 inch long; they are bluish-green but appear silver because of two white rows of stomata on the underside and one to two rows on the upper surface. The tree's short, stiff branches are great for heavier ornaments, making it a popular Christmas tree. It is also used to make wreaths, door swags and garland. 

Grand Firs have needles that are 1 to 1 ½ inches long with glossy dark green tops and two highly visible white lines of stomata on the undersides. When the needles are crushed, they give off a citrus smell. 

Douglas Firs have a good fragrance. They are a blue to dark green color with 1 inch to 1-½ inches needles that are soft to the touch and radiate out through the branches. Douglas fir needles give off one of the best aromas when crushed. 

Scotch Pines are the most common Christmas tree with stiff branches, and stiff dark green needles that are 1 inch long. This tree can last for about four weeks with its aroma lasting throughout the season. Needles will stay on even when dry. The tree has an open appearance and more room for ornaments.

Fatnastic Selection of Pumpkins
Exciting New Halloween Attraction
For All Ages!

The Pumpkin Patch Haunted Maze and Petting Zoo
When: Oct 1- through Oct 31
10am to 9pm
Also avaialble: Private Parties, Magic shows and Halloween party.
Call for more info: (818- 505-8039)

Past Years Haunted Maze


Halloween Pumpkins-Pumpkin Patch- Haunted Maze-(Haunted House)- Petting Zoo and Flowers in Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles,California